Markets, Competition & Prices

Electricity Market Study for 120MW Wind Project

Client Challenge
The Client, a leading MENA renewable power generation  developer, wished to deploy capital in the Moroccan wind market.
The main challenges faced by the Client were:

  • Lack of market knowledge
  • Unfamiliarity with the regulatory framework
  • Insufficient visibility on the suite of project risks

Tangible impact
Provided the Client with clarity on the market opportunities and risks in the Moroccan wind market.
Provided the Client with a clear market entry strategy.
Enabled the Client to de-risk the investment decision.
Paved the way for the Client’s successful participation in wind auctions.

Our approach
EMRC provided an Electricity Market Study, with comprehensive up-to-date assumptions of the main inputs driving the development of the electricity cost in Morocco, such as fuel prices, electricity demand, capacity development (both thermal and renewable energy sources -RES-).
EMRC performed an update of the expected generation costs and revenues.
EMRC provided a forecast of possible future ONEE electricity tariffs for the 20-year period, along with a forecast of the Moroccan CPI and a correlation analysis between historical CPI figures and ONEE electricity tariffs.