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Development of an Integrated Least Cost Power Development Plan

Client Challenge
The development of an integrated Least-Cost Power Development Plan (LCPDP) consisted of identifying the ideal set of ongoing and future projects, and the relevant schedule, in order to increase installed generation capacity and expand transmission and distribution facilities during a period of 20 years.

Tangible impact
The LCPDP resulted in a recommendation for the development of the optimal expansion plan for the generation, transmission and distribution system of São Tome and Principe.

Our approach
Activity 1: Review of existing power development plans and detailed analysis of the production centres of the two islands, São Tomé and Principe.

Activity 2: Development of least-cost power development plan (LCPDP) for São Tome and Principe. This activity involved the development of a LCPDP for the islands of São Tome and Principe, for 20-year horizon starting in 2017.

Activity 3: Recommendations on measures to strengthen planning capacity in São Tomé and Principe.