Energy Modelling

Energy Demand Study

Client Challenge
Energy demand study for Enugu EDC, Ibadan EDC, Ikeja EDC, Nigeria.

Tangible impact
The results of these studies allow the client to optimize their network investment and technical and non-technical loss reduction plans.

Our approach

  • Provision of an analysis of current demand and 5 year’ projection for energy and for capacity demand through to 2021
  • Projections of currently connected demand carried out on a feeder by feeder level across different voltages considering customer types, usage profiles, rates of new connections to serve the un-electrified population, population growth and per capita consumption modelled using econometric data.
  • The study has quantified current network demand from residential/industrial/commercial customers and by developing a structural model for time series forecasting estimate the underlying level of demand that could be served if supply were unconstrained and networks were reinforced.