Transaction Support

UK BESS Strategic and Commercial support

Client Challenge
Due diligence support on the acquisition of commercial storage project(s) in the UK
(Group Gransolar SL).

Our approach
Phase 1: Red Flag Due Diligence

  • Summary of key points and “Red-Flag” technical & commercial review of project documents.
  • Commercial opinion on reasonableness of promoted revenue strategy and assumptions.

Phase 2: Detailed Due Diligence

  • Assisted in battery duration sizing.
  • Built a full financial, tax and accounting model.
  • Conducted a tender process for revenue optimisation services.

Phase 3: Project Execution through to Financial Close

  • Utilised granular simulation outputs to finalise battery warranty conditions (e.g. providing cell manufacturer with half-hourly throughput data).
  • Assisted in debt modelling & negotiation.
  • Project Management / transaction execution assistance.