Yellowstone IPP project

Advisors to the Yellowstone Consortium led by Quantum Power on regulatory and commercial matters for the development of the Yellowstone IPP Project, including the development of a Project Information Memorandum.

  1. EMRC used its existing knowledge and information on the Nigerian power and gas sectors, and its knowledge of the development of similar IPPs in Nigeria and in similar environments worldwide to prepare the Information Memorandum (IM). The final IM contained a list of figures, list of tables, acronyms, and other standard elements of a professional IM. 
  2. EMRC supported the presentation of the IM to potential partners and financial institutions. This support was in the form of participation in conference calls (telephone or video) and e-mail correspondence to provide explanations and/or clarifications to any of the information presented in the IM, for which EMRC was responsible.