Training and Capacity Building

The power sector is constantly changing and evolving, and organisations must understand complex regulatory and contractual regimes. Capacity building and training are essential in preparing staff to effectively meet current and future challenges in the industry.

We regularly organise and participate in training courses and workshops to engage key stakeholders and build consensus. We have designed and presented training to a wide variety of actors in the sector including regulators, policy-makers and staff at all levels within utility companies – from Board level to customer service representatives.

The success of our training is assessed by the feedback we receive, and we continuously improve the training that we offer.

Some key ingredients are common to all our training:

  1. Engaging, knowledgeable and approachable facilitators.
  2. The content is designed to be engaging and tailored to the participant needs.
  3. Varied programme that provides a mix of theory and hands-on practical exercises.
  4. Material that can be re-used by participants for further knowledge transfer.
  5. Assess the success of the training and gather feedback.