Specialist Modelling Services

Our experts have exceptional skills in market analysis and modelling. We can provide high level analysis and detailed modelling of power markets using our in-house modelling tools.

We help policy-makers and regulators to understand the impact of policy measures and develop robust tariff setting frameworks.

We help private sector clients and utilities to model planned investments, manage risks and understand the cashflow implications of tariff regimes.

Key services in this area:

  1. Technical and Financial Modelling: Bespoke and in-house models for integrated technical and financial modelling of generation plant and other complex energy projects.
  2. Regulatory modelling: Tariff modelling, including in-house models developed to allow multi-year tariff setting.
  3. Load flow and network planning: using PSS-E, Netplan, Digsilent or for lower income countries our own NetplanLight.
  4. Market Simulation and Price Projections: using our in-house model E-DM, a mixed integer programming tool that can simulate power markets over time recognising generation and transmission constraints.
  5. Dynamic Optimisation of System Expansion: using our in-house model E-DM, a mixed integer programming tool to optimise least cost system expansion.
  6. Forecasting and Statistical Analysis: Structural models for time series forecasting.
  7. Model Audit and Verification.