Services to Utilities and Network Operators

We support utilities to improve the performance of their businesses and manage risk. Our support includes business strategy, specialist modelling, loss reduction, managing regulatory risk and building internal capacity within the utility. For publicly owned utilities, we also support in the introduction of private sector capital.

Key services in this area:

  1. Business strategy and planning.
  2. Asset valuation.
  3. Introduction of private sector capital: Public-Private Partnership (PPP) and Private Sector Participation (PSP) frameworks.
  4. Cost of service studies and tariff design.
  5. Supply and distribution systems expansion and long-term planning.
  6. Energy demand studies, network modelling and investment planning.
  7. Provision of independent baseline loss studies to establish the level of Aggregate Technical, Commercial and Collection (ATC&C) losses and loss reduction strategies.
  8. Financial advisory – assisting with economic and financial modelling and business planning.
  9. Developing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and performance monitoring.
  10. Managing regulatory change and risk management.
  11. Capacity building – including courses on understanding ATC&C losses and loss reduction, regulation and customer services.