Revenue Maximisation Tool

Our Revenue Maximisation Tool seeks to determine if a distribution company’s revenues can be increased by increasing the energisation of the most “profitable” feeders. More precisely, the revenue/kWh for each feeder is different depending on the mix of customers and distribution losses. Essentially, our Revenue Maximisation Tool does the following:

  1. Allocate all customers to feeders broken down by metered/ unmetered and by “estates”/ “townships”;
  2. Estimate the aggregate technical, commercial and collection (ATC&C) losses for each of these groups;
  3. Use regulated electricity tariffs to calculate cash/kWh and revenue/kWh for each feeder;
  4. Use feeder loads by time of day to identify peak, mid-peak and off-peak times; and
  5. Prioritise feeders for energisation at peak, mid-peak and off-peak times.