Renewables and Clean Energy

Our experts have a deep understanding of the economics and regulation of renewable energy and new energy technologies.

We help policy-makers and regulators to develop the regulatory frameworks to deliver policy targets for renewable energy and energy efficiency, including best practice in integrating variable renewables in markets and valuing storage technologies.

We help private sector clients and utilities to adapt to state of the art sustainable policies and take full advantage of opportunities in new energy markets.

Key services in this area:

  1. Renewable energy, energy efficiency and climate change policies and regulation.
  2. National policies and action plans to foster sustainable energy.
  3. Renewable energy and carbon economics and pricing.
  4. Funds and Policy Instruments: formulation, design, implementation, management, levies and subsidies.
  5. Support mechanisms for renewable energy and energy efficiency, such as feed-in tariffs, standard power purchase agreements, contracts for differences and green certificates.
  6. Promotion of sustainable decentralized generation.
  7. Techno-economic modelling of least-cost pathways to renewable energy policy targets.
  8. Transaction advice, renewable IPP (independent power plant) development, feasibility studies, PPAs, technical regulation, connection agreements and licensing agreements.
  9. Managing variability such as intermittency and unpredictability.
  10. Contribution of renewable energy and mini-grids to increasing electricity access.