National and Regional Markets Development

Energy and water markets require sophisticated structural and functional arrangements to manage the complex relationship between supply and demand. Robust design of these markets is essential to ensure the technical, economic and financial efficiency of the sector. Our management team has its origins in the energy restructuring and reform in Great Britain in the 1990s, the increased competitive retail and renewables markets of the 2000s and African power market opening.

Today, our restructuring work ranges from early private sector participation in emerging power markets to increasingly sophisticated refinements to established competitive markets in Europe to adapt to increased cross-border trading and variability of supply.

Our market restructuring work covers the review and design of the energy sector policy, primary and secondary legislation, restructuring, private sector participation, economic cost benefit analyses, regulatory impact assessments, definition of efficient tariff schemes, revenue requirements and incentive-based regulation, among others.

Key services in this area:

  1. Restructuring and national market design.
  2. Cross border trading arrangements and market integration.
  3. Introduction of private sector capital: Public-Private Partnership (PPP) and Private Sector Participation (PSP) frameworks.
  4. Policy, regulatory and institutional frameworks.
  5. Tariff and subsidy regimes.
  6. Power purchase agreements (PPAs), fuel supply agreements (FSAs) and other commercial instruments.
  7. Specialist market modelling and projections.
  8. Disputes and litigation services.
  9. Institutional capacity building.