Keith Burwell   

Keith is a consultant economist with nearly forty years of worldwide experience, primarily focussing on the development of economic regulation and financial management of utilities. His experience includes providing support and advice to governments, regulators and utilities on: establishing regulatory frameworks, economic regulatory policy development and regulatory price control business planning and tariff models.

More recently Keith worked full-time as a senior economist within Ofgem, the UK electricity and gas regulator. He was the principal Ofgem participant in the open governance framework for distribution charging (electricity) and the preparation of Ofgem decisions on charging methodology and model modifications. He worked on the regulatory impact of the rapidly changing nature of the electricity industry, in particular the implications that renewable generation, distribution level generation, and battery storage are having on network charging arrangements.

Building on his experience with Ofgem, Keith has advised governments, regulators and utilities on detailed network regulatory issues and wider regulatory governance frameworks including: policy development and consultation processes, price control process management (regulatory calendars), licensing and industry code governance procedures, regulatory decision making, directions to regulated utilities, derogations, enforcement and appeals. Keith’s principal strength lies in training and capacity development with an emphasis on the development of practical regulatory skills rather than theory.

Keith initially graduated in civil engineering but following an early career as a chartered engineer he returned to university to gain a Masters degree in Financial Economics (University of London, 1997). His international experience includes much of Africa, South and South-East Asia, the Middle East and Eastern Europe.