Ian Pope   

Ian is a Director of EMRC. His long and varied career in the power sector means he has a broad and deep experience in power utilities themselves and in consulting. His assignments have included economic and commercial due diligence on several major acquisitions; assistance in resolution of contractual disputes; and appraisal of major investment projects including several international interconnectors.

Ian trained and graduated as a power engineer but aided by his technical understanding of power systems has spent most of his career working at Board level on the economic and financial, and commercial aspects of the electricity business. He has provided extensive advice to regulators on transmission planning, transmission access arrangements and the charging regimes for use of system. Ian’s work over the last few years has concentrated on helping with and mentoring on a wide range of EMRC projects.

While at Hydro-electric he carried out ground breaking projects on the early development of wind power, developing new operational and economic computer models of the system, he also worked in pumped storage and private sector finance of hydro. His assessment of the economics of nuclear power culminated in the case for Torness, he also led the negotiation of major North Sea gas contracts, and eventually the creation of Scottish Hydro-electric as a PLC in preparation for its floatation.