Energy Access and Off-Grid Electrification

Without energy, there is no development. We help policy-makers to develop robust policies that deliver meaningful energy access and carry out economic analysis of various electrification options, including network expansion, mini-grids and other off-grid energy solutions. We have expertise in addressing structural, regulatory and market barriers to private sector mini-grids.

Key services in this area:

  1. Economic analysis of electrification options.
  2. Assessment of structural, regulatory and market barriers to mini-grid development.
  3. Energy Demand Studies for on-grid and off-grid areas.
  4. Commercial and regulatory frameworks for off-grid solutions.
  5. Feasibility studies for mini-grids.
  6. Identification of distribution network suitable for islanding as mini-grids.
  7. Developing investment strategy for mini-grid financiers.
  8. Tariff models for mini-grids.
  9. Development of standardised tariff structures.
  10. Review of external tariff submissions.