Business Strategy and Planning

Our experts have the multidisciplinary skills, knowledge and experience to advise our clients on business strategy and planning. We support utilities, generators and other energy asset owners to improve the performance of their businesses within competitive and highly regulated markets and to manage risk. For publicly owned utilities, we also support in the introduction of private sector capital.

Key services in this area:

  1. Supply and distribution systems expansion and long-term planning.
  2. Optimization of capital expenditures, operational processes.
  3. Performance improvement in production, distribution and retail segments.
  4. Systems simulations and demand forecasting.
  5. Introduction of private sector capital: Public-Private Partnership (PPP) and Private Sector Participation (PSP) Frameworks.
  6. A sanity check on company strategy and business plans.
  7. Risk review on the impact of changes in the market rules and regulatory framework.
  8. Board training to develop understanding of the power sector and the commercial opportunities that exist.
  9. Board counselling and support to Board meetings on strategy, financial, commercial and regulatory aspects of the power sector.
  10. Billing and settlement systems.