Alice Waltham   

Alice is a Director of EMRC. She has 15 years’ wide-ranging experience of the international energy industry, power market, policy, regulation and economics.

Throughout her career, Alice has focussed on renewable energy, particularly distributed energy, and the technology and market mechanisms required to integrate variable technologies. She has worked on several international market studies investigating best practice to integrate variable generation sources into electricity networks and markets. She has researched market-based approaches to the management of congestion in networks, including the integration of electric vehicles and renewable technologies, and researched the economic potential of smart grid technology and energy storage. 

She has advised on effective regulatory frameworks, including designing appropriate, bankable Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) and feed in tariff terms. She has worked on the development of numerous support mechansims for renewable energy, including the UK, The Gambia, Bulgaria, Republic of Macedonia and Armenia. She has also supported the developers of both renewable and conventional new independent power plants (IPPs) in the UK and Nigeria. 

Alice has been working in Sub-Saharan Africa since 2012, where much of her work is focussed on energy access and renewable energy. She developed a conceptual framework and tools for mini-grids in Tanzania, she is supporting several Nigerian distribution companies, in the Gambia she helped develop the Renewable Energy Law and an overall electricity strategy, and she developed a toolbox for renewable energy tariff design in West Africa. She has supported cost of service and tariff studies in Lesotho and Nigeria.

Before becoming a consultant, Alice worked for a renewable electricity supplier, Good Energy. There she participated in a wide variety of activities in the compliance, retail, trading and generation parts of the business, including retail tariff setting and PPAs with renewable generators.